Friday, December 20, 2013

Duck what?

Alright so there is all this hoopla about the guy from Duck Dynasty making "anti-gay" comments, which in turn got him suspended, if not axed, from his own show.  That's ridiculous.  Look I am totally supportive of gay people.  I have people in my family that are gay and some of my closest friends are gay.  I believe in gay marriage, gay rights, you name it.

This situation is an interesting one.  "Duck Dynasty" is the highest rated reality show on any network EVER.  Personally I have never seen the show, but people who watch it love it.  What really needs to be asked is, is anyone really surprised that this guy prefers a woman over a man?  These people live in the south, and the man who said it is,well, old.  Some older people are just set in their ways, they don't accept gay people, and some of them still don't like black people.  While I don't agree with people being racist or prejudice that's just the way it is.  As much as I support gays, I support our freedom of speech.  Just because someone says something that isn't "PC" doesn't mean that they should be punished.

So what?  So this guy isn't fond of gay people, so what?  If someone has a problem with it THEY can boycott the show, but it isn't fair to punish someone for their beliefs, period.  Did we hang Adam Sandler out to dry for the Hanukkah song?  Do we scoff or shun a person for saying "bless you" after a sneeze?  Nope, because these are "acceptable" beliefs.   I think A&E did what they thought everyone would WANT them to do.  They did instant damage control by removing they guy from the show, which in turn is totally backfiring on them, because now the entire family is giving them a big middle finger, as they should.  I think it is completely outrageous that this guy was pulled just for saying what he thought.  This country has become entirely too PC.  There is a big line between tolerance and standing for what you believe in.  I mean its not like he said "I think all gays should burn in hell" yeah now a statement like that SHOULD be cause for firing.  He basically said that he doesn't understand the gay culture, and prefers women, well duh.  He feels this way because of his religion and what he believes in, and he is entitled to that, just like people are allowed to disagree or be outraged with him and his comments.

Yeah he probably shouldn't have gone as far as he did, but he said what he wanted and like I said before, that is his right as an American citizen.  I think A&E really went overboard on this one, and with the backlash they are receiving they will start to backpedal soon.  They are not going to risk losing their #1 show and further than they already have.  To someone like me I see his comments as insensitive, but I also expect an old white guy from the south to feel that way, so in no way am I surprised.  We need to stop being so sensitive and respect this guys freedom of speech, and if you have a problem with his comments and cant stand to look at him ever again....don't.


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