Saturday, November 29, 2014

Shut Up Shia LaBeouf

In what seems like a never ending attempt to garner attention, Shia LaBeouf has done it yet again.  First it was his alcoholic outbursts and fights, then his infamous "I'm Not Famous Anymore" paper bag accessory, and now most recently his allegations of being raped at his "art" exhibit.

The story he gives is that during his "art" exhibit #IAMSORRY, where he sat in complete silence, a fan approached him and had her way with him, essentially "raping" him.  I put this in quotations because it is yet another sick cry for attention.  Anyone who has heard his allegations should be outraged.  Rape is not anything to joke about  or even imply when it is obvious in his case it was a choice.  If I am correct I remember him saying before the exhibit that nothing was off limits.  There was absolutely nothing that was stopping him from pushing that girl away.  He chose to stay motionless and silent.  So essentially he allowed himself to be taken advantage of for art?  Are we really supposed to believe someone that has done nothing but beg for our sympathy and attention, was raped in such a way?  What if someone would have come in with a gun and threatened to shoot him, would he still have sat silently?  Or what if someone had come in and stabbed him, would he have sat there quietly and took it?

Rape happens all over the world every single day to both males and females.  I'm not saying it isn't possible for a man to be raped, but I am saying preventing this from happening was entirely possible. I think he should meet with some victims of rape and understand exactly what it entails.  I can guarantee you that any person that has been through it would thoroughly disagree with his allegations and with what is really considered rape.  I don't feel bad for Shia, and I really think he needs to shut his big fat self-proclaimed "non-famous" mouth.  Or better yet now that he is speaking again, he should issue an apology to those that rape has truly affected. Why have most people had no problem believing his ludicrous story, but have questioned every single rape victim that has come forward regarding Bill Cosby?  These women in some cases were drugged and taken advantage of, and in many other cases Bill Cosby tried to use his star power to pressure these women into doing what he wanted by implying it would help their career.  However, many people believe they are lying.  Why?  Oh that's right, because he is Bill Cosby and he can do no wrong, and these women must have been asking for it, right? Ridiculous

You may not agree with me and that's fine.  BUT before you get outraged, ask yourself, when was the last time I heard about Shia LaBeouf before this?  Has he been a media hound lately?  What did he gain from releasing this information?  Is he doing anything for to help rape victims?  If he did this for awareness to the issue of rape, what are his plans going forward?  Did this throw him back into the spotlight?  Did it get people talking? If you're reading this then you answered the last question for yourself.

I think we have given Shia too much attention for far too long.  Shia its time to stop.  Its time to shut up.  It's time to drop the act and go back to making shitty movies


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