Monday, February 2, 2015

Some thoughts from Super Bowl 49 and the season

A few things from last night now that I'm sober:

1. Never throw the ball on anything less than 5 yards...especially when you have Lynch

2. Tom Brady still looked like an idiot even after he won

3. How the hell do people NOT know who Missy is?

4. Katy Perry showed me she would be a perfect employee at Hot Dog On A Stick....The more you know

5. Not even the commercials were good (what was with the "I cant do that I'm dead" kid? wtf?) Correction the Lindsay Lohan one was funny, and the glue one

I'm not a fan of either team (obviously) but my hatred runs deep for New England so its an understatement to say I was disappointed. 

The NFL has a lot to work on in the off season.  A LOT. 

Goodell needs to do a major overhaul on himself and I'm not sure why the owners even trust him to run the organization anymore.  He is not fit to run this league, and I feel like his relationships with some of the owners (*cough* Kraft *cough*) have potentially clouded his judgement.  Also his greediness to keep the NFL a money maker stooped him to a new low of hush hushing domestic violence and child abuse. 

Deflategate unsurprisingly went away days before the Super Bowl, and it will eventually be officially blamed on some nobody now that the Patriots won.  There is no way the NFL will admit, even if they did find evidence of cheating on the Patriots part, because they will catch way too much heat for allowing cheaters to play in and ultimately win the Super Bowl, the number one watched event on TV every year.  Thats sick.  The integrity of the game has been entirely compromised this year and it is very discouraging as a fan.

I'm not sad to see this football season end.  It was a bad one.  On to the next.

And I don't want to hear your "hater" comments, its obvious.


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