Monday, August 26, 2013

Oh my...The VMAs

Last night I watched the MTV VMAs for the first time in years.  It was a mixture of depressing, exciting, fun, boring and a little WTF?  Lets go through those emotions a little.

Depressing: I have realized I am old and really didn't know who half the people were!  I NEVER thought I would be the person who is watching a performance or seeing a list of nominees and say "who is that?".  I always thought I would be the adult who followed the up to date music and would be hip and cool, and not long for the old "good" music I was used to.  Nope I have turned into that old person who says "man the music I listened to was soooo much better"

Exciting:  Lets face it, anyone who knows me KNOWS the only reason I watched the VMAs was because of a rumoured performance by *NSYNC.  It happened and I couldn't have been more excited.  It was literally a moment I had been waiting for most of my adult life.  When they performed up there and did their awesome dance moves I was like a 15 year old again.  Screaming, jumping, singing along, and so friggen excited!  I don't think it lasted as long as it should have but it was enough and I feel like them singing "Bye Bye Bye" was a message to the fans they have, that was it, we got our goodbye performance and we shouldn't expect anything more.  It was our closure.  I had to give it up to Justin Timberlake too (his performance was sooo good), he didn't have to honor them, but he did, it was nice for him to recognize that his success all started with the boy band he has probably tried to now block from his mind.  His speech after receiving his award was sweet too.  He thanked the other guys of *NSYNC, even saying he was sharing the award with them (although he said it would be staying at his house lol) and I have more respect for him now.  Did I cry during that speech?  I plead the 5th.....

Fun: It was fun to look forward to the awards again.  Even if it was just to catch a glimpse of my beloved Justin Timberlake and *NSYNC.  And it was a plus that his wife wasn't there!  So glad I didn't see her face to ruin my moment.

Boring: Like I said before I didn't really know who half the people were.  So in between the people I actually knew I started doing other things, like play candy crush (always a good time killer).  Its all part of realizing you aren't the "MTV crowd" anymore

WTF?: Ok here we go, lets just say it, Miley Cyrus.  Oh Miley W.....T.......F?  Besides finding out that "Bye Bye Bye" is 13 years old (ugh) there was no other single moment that made me realize how damn old I am.  The last time I really paid attention to Miley was back in the Hannah Montana days, and well Hannah Montana she is not.  The bumping, grinding, tongue flicking, twerking (you're proud I know what that is aren't you?) foam finger humping, and spandex were all way too much for me.  I thought it was distasteful, and almost like she was trying too hard.  It was a pretty nasty performance, BUT (yes there is a but) she got exactly the reaction she wanted.  It was really no different than Madonna's "Like a Virgin" performance.  It got people talking and once and for all destroyed the sweet little girl persona she has been trying so hard to shed.  She knew she was going to get a negative reaction, but she nearly upstaged the *NSYNC reunion which like it or not was a huge deal.  Mileys PR may be going crazy right now but bad press is still good press (unless you are Chris Brown) she is, believe it or not, going to benefit HUGE from that performance because people cant stop talking about it.  Hardly anyone said a word about Gaga's "comeback" performance, but mostly because it was pretty lack luster and the song is not nearly as big of a hit as her others.  So while Miley's performance totally grossed me out and made me feel like I needed to take a scalding hot shower, you kind of have to hand it to her, she did what every performer strives for, attention.

So in conclusion MTV has changed, and apparently so have I.  Long gone are the days of videos (why does a network that no longer plays videos even have a video award show anyways?), boy band takeovers, rock music, and censorship.  I realize they need to change with the times and whats popular but doesn't MTV kind of decide what is popular in a way?    MTV may not be influential to my generation anymore but preteens and teens, even young adults still pay attention to MTV to stay "current".  Or maybe they don't, I really don't even know if they ever play any music anymore.  In my day (see?  I'm old) there was TRL, Making the Video, and when a video was set to premier it was a big deal.  Will I ever watch the VMAs?  Its possible, but only if "my bands" are playing.  I'll stick to my "oldies" thank you very much


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