Wednesday, September 4, 2013

First morning of school

I'm not sure what it is about the first day of school that brings the absolute worst in people, but it never ceases to amaze me every single year.

Look ladies (mostly) we All need a parking space, we ALL need to find our kids class, we ALL need to maneuver through the other clueless parents and children, and we ALL haven't had nearly enough coffee yet.

Its one of those things that most of us parents don't want to be there, the first day is always chaos but it would be nicer if everyone realized that and was just nice and helpful. Everyone is just flat out rude on the first day, they and their children are way more important than you DUH! I was cut off multiple times, had two parking spots stolen from me, people flat out REFUSED to let myself and my three children (one of which was in a stroller) cross the street, I was stepped on, and Brody was even pushed a few times.

We were having trouble finding the line for Braden to line up.   I walked through the lines about 3 times reading ever paper looking for his teachers name, couldn't find it.  As I am weaving in and out of kids and parents looking for this teachers name I realize Braden is GONE.  He was happily running around with a friend from last year like we had nothing better to do.  Now I'm not the kind of mother that wakes up 4 hours early to do my hair and make-up to drop my kid off at school.  I'm a throw-my-hair-up-in-a-bun-big sunglasses-sweats-while-clutching-my-coffee kind of girl.  But today being the first day of school I put on jeans, yes JEANS, since it was a special occasion I got dressy (Kidding).  Being in the OC this is almost a no no.  Most of these women hire a personal make-up/hair/stylist as part of their daily routine, I swear.  I got dirty looks if I asked for help (or eye rolling..totally my favorite) like I was some kind of idiot, maybe it was because I looked like a ragged crazy woman, even borderline homeless at this point.  Not only did I look crazy but now I was "that mother" clutching her three year old, pushing a stroller and yelling at my oldest to "get back here" "I'm serious" "get over here" "we don't have time for that right now" "I SAID GET OVER HERE" "STOP RUNNING OFF" add about 12 exclamation points after every phrase and say it increasingly louder with more agitation as you go on.  Finally after I was sweating my ass off, stressed out, and on the verge of screaming "WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE HELP MEEEEEEE????" I found another parent who also couldn't find the stupid class line.  We searched and searched and along the way found 2 other parents also all looking for the same class.  We found it, it was posted on a CHAIR in the middle of tons of screaming running children.  GREAT place for it. 

Braden got in his line and waited to enter his classroom while I tried to compose myself, then OF COURSE I run into my neighbor.  I must have been looking awesome because she literally had to do a double take when she saw me.  Knowing I was stressed and sweating the first thing I said was "wow its hot today huh?" Oh yeah Brittany nice one its a scorching 76 today. She said "yeah sure is"with that "back away slowly" look in her eye, like I was a rabid animal.  In her defense she was probably pretty close.  We talked a little more, found out our kids are in the same class, and then went on our way. 

Sooooo I guess you could say the first morning was a major success.....cant wait for the first after school pick-up of the year yaaaaaaaaaay


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