Thursday, October 3, 2013

Here illegally? Come to CA

Recently the Governor in CA made it legal for illegals to get a valid drivers license in the state.....huh?

When I moved to CA from NV and went to the DMV to get my CA drivers license I had to provide an original birth certificate to get one. Even though I had a valid license from the state of NV that wasn't acceptable to them. I had to go down to the county office (thank god I was born in Orange County) pay the $30, go back to the DMV, wait another 3 hours, and take the test before I finally was legally able to drive in the state. Me, a US citizen, born and raised in the states had to go through quite a lot to get my license, so how in the hell are people who are here illegally going to be able to do the same?  

I don't understand how it's fair. I have never had a problem with people from other countries wanting to live the "American dream" (whatever the hell that is anymore) and come here, BUT if they want the same privileges, like a drivers license among other things, then they need to go through the process and become a citizen. 

I am aware it is a lengthy process, but so what. It irritates me that it am paying for illegals welfare, healthcare, etc. Illegals don't pay taxes which means they don't put into this country what they are taking out. I'm not saying all illegals are on welfare but for the ones that are it simply isn't right. If you don't want to take the time to live and work here legally then you should go back to your home country.  I would never pick up and move to another country and mooch off of their citizens. People work hard for what they have and it isn't right that money comes out of my pocket to support people who don't want to take the initiative to become a true citizen of the United States. 

This is far from the only problem in the United States, our country is in the shits and it's going to take a whole lot to dig out of the hole we are in, but this has the ability to make things much worse. If this starts a trend and moves on to more states, more people will come illegally and things like taxes and even car insurance rates will rise. 

I don't understand the plus side of this, nor do I understand the rationality behind it. It makes absolutely no sense to me


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