Monday, September 9, 2013

It's time to grow up

Tyra Banks put on a bunch of white make-up to give herself "whiteface" to "honor" her fellow white models.  In her situation it is artistic and thoughtful, if a white model put on dark colored make-up, to perhaps do the same thing, it would no doubt be racist.  So why is Tyra not in the wrong?  Simple it's called a double standard and it's ridiculous.

Now am I offended or pissed off she was sporting "whiteface"? Of course not because it's just stupid to get offended over something so absolutely ridiculous and I have better things to worry about.  To be honest I don't see what's wrong with wearing dark colored make-up for say Halloween if you want to be someone specific. How is that offensive? Or at least how is it any more offensive than painting your face white to be a ghost? Why do all ghosts have to be white?? See how stupid that sounds? Say I wanted to be umm I don't know lets say Michelle Obama, just for this blog, would it be ok for me to sport dark make-up on my face? Probably not, I mean I'm sure SOME people would think it was ok but I certainly wouldn't trick or treat in Al Sharptons neighborhood. 

I have a lot of issues with racism and do not feel it is as present as it was years and years ago. Does it still exist? Of course, but last I checked we are all using the same bathrooms, have the same jobs, and go to the same schools. 

In my honest opinion the moment Obama was elected should have shown how far this country has come in regards to racism not once but TWICE now. If every single white person, cop, southerner, lawyer, judge, etc was so racist he wouldn't have been elected TWICE.  It's time to move on and it's time to stop throwing the race card out every single time something happens. 

If I were seriously sitting here complaining about how offended I was by Tyra Banks I would have so many people telling me to shut up I would lose count.  If other races want "equality" then they need to stop playing victim all the time. Murders, robberies, rapes, sex offenders, speeding tickets, DUIs, drug busts, domestic violence, and whatever else you can think of happens to ALL RACES and it is ALL RACES that do them. We need to stop referring to ourselves as white, black, Asian, mexican whatever and start referring to ourselves as PEOPLE, because that's what we are PEOPLE.  

Remember after 9/11? Katrina, Sandy, the Boston Marathon? Remember how united we were as PEOPLE? Why does it always take a horrible tragedy to bring our nation together and the best out in people?  If we concentrated more on how to get along than to ridicule and pick apart every single decision every person makes we would be much happier and united. I hope that happens someday for our sake, our children's, and even our grandchildren's. 

So Tyra you have my blessing, I'm not offended and neither should anyone else be. It's time to grow up people 


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