Monday, September 23, 2013

The Dexter Finale...

Last night was the finale of Dexter, one of my most beloved shows.  Its one of the few that I never missed an episode of and got butterflies every time I was getting ready to watch it.  In my opinion it was one of the best written shows out there.  Don't get me wrong there have been a few times over the last 8 years (ok the last 4) where I was like "huh?" and "wtf?" but that is pretty much a given with any show.  Last night however will go down as one of my favorite episodes (next to the finale in Season 4)

As with any finale, I have seen a lot of mixed reactions but I thought it was beautifully done.  I am getting ready to talk about it now so if you haven't seen it yet STOP READING NOW!!!

I wont go into the entire episode but here are a few things that I took from it:

  • Dexter learned NEVER to leave a kill on the table (Trinity anyone??)
  • I think Hannah will surprisingly take good care of Harrison (even though I wasn't a fan)
  • Dexter WAS capable of love but only for two people, Harrison and Deb
  • Killing Deb was actually incredibly touching and one of the few times we saw Dexter show emotion
  • The acting was great, most notably by Dexter (Michael C. Hall), Deb (Jennifer Carpenter), and Quinn (Desmond Harrington)
  • Dexter will never have a happy ending
In the final scene we see Dexter now working as a logger (after faking his own death) in the mountains.  The mountains to me were no doubt a tribute to his late sister Deb who had said, in her last conversation with Dexter, that she wanted to go hiking.   He lives alone in a tiny place and seems to be at peace with that.  The question of course that is out there is even though he started over is he still "Dexter"?  The final shot of him looking into the camera gives me the impression that he is indeed still "Dexter" at night, although I'm not entirely sure if he follows The Code anymore especially since Harry was nowhere to be seen, after he basically said goodbye to him 2 weeks ago.

Like I said before I just thought it was so well done.  No matter how hard he tried over 8 years he finally realized he will never be able to have a "normal" life and secluded himself to keep others from getting hurt.  We know Dexter has feelings, which was something he was told he was incapable of.

So good job writers and cast.  It was a great 8 seasons and I for one will miss the show greatly. 


  1. I missed the mountains/hiking thing, so thanks for pointing that out. But I had a totally different take on the look on his face at the end. I saw him as being in abject misery... for the rest of his life. His penance for all he'd done--a lifetime of misery.

    1. that is always one of the fun things about an ending like that, you can have your own conclusion and totally be right! Thanks for reading!